¿What is workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment is any conduct that constitutes aggression or harassment, exercise by employment or by one or more workers, against another or others, by any means, and that has a result for him or less important users, abuse or humiliation, or that threatens or damages their employment situation or their employment opportunities, provided that all these behaviors are practiced repeatedly.

¿What is not workplace harassment?

Many of the situations at work have not been relevant. What differentiates workplace harassment from other problems at work is the intention to cause harm, the focus on action in several people, the repeated form and the continuous time period.

However, you can not talk about risk factors in the company, but not about workplace harassment. Isolated acts of violence, no matter how intense they may be, work has not been carried out. Nor permanent situations of work stress, poor working conditions, safety or security, or bad management of staff.

¿What should I do?

The employee must send his writing claim to the address of the company, or the service in which he works or respects Labor Inspection.

For this, most of the background and / or evidence, in order to prove and prove the workplace harassment that you are suffering. Unfortunately without evidence it is highly difficult to obtain a satisfactory result in this regard.

Legal Actions of the Worker to face Labor Harassment

a.- Administrative complaint before labor inspection

b.- Waiver of work with the right to demand compensation for the term of the contract

c.- Protection remedy for violation, disturbance or threat of a constitutional guarantee

d.- Judicial demand for violation of fundamental rights in new special judicial procedure