¿What is it?

It is defined as any injury that a person suffers because of or on the occasion of work and that results in disability or death. These can occur in your normal working day, union activities or training, as well as on the way to or from home and place of work.

¿What It’s not?

The company’s recreational activities are not considered as occasions in which an accident at work can occur, unless attendance at a walk is mandatory.

¿Who qualifies the type of accident that affected the worker?

The qualification of the accident, if it is of common origin or of work belongs to the competent entities, that is, to the Compin, Isapres, Medical Licensing Units, Mutualities of Employers and, ultimately, to the Superintendence of Social Security (Superintendencia de Seguridad Social). 

In this way, if the injured worker is treated by a private doctor, the typification in the medical license that he makes of the accident will be a mere proposal, corresponding a formal pronouncement of one of the aforementioned institutions.

¿Who can suffer a work accident?

This type of accidents can suffer dependent and independent workers, public officials, family workers and students in practice, among others.

¿What should I know?

In the first place, there are two types of accidents, on the one hand the common accident, which is treated according to the conditions of the health plan that the worker has agreed with his Isapre or Fonasa and, on the other hand, the work accident, which is treated in accordance with the Law on Work-related Accidents and Occupational Diseases, in which case the treatment must be carried out in the employers’ association to which the employer is affiliated or in hospitals, clinics or polyclinics in case the employer is not affiliated with the employer. some mutual

If you have been involved in an accident at work in the last 5 years, you may be entitled to file a claim for compensation.

Your compensation will depend on your accident, such as personal injuries resulting from work accidents. These range from relatively mild conditions to the most serious, reaching a compensation of a maximum of 15 times your base salary.