Faced with Medical Malpractice, we must be clear about the following:

That there is at least a lack of care that the doctor should have.

That said conduct is unlawful. Example, not respecting the rights of patients.

On the other hand, that there is a nexus of causality between the facts and the negligent result, that is, that the unlawful and negligent conduct causes a

That this act can be attributed to the corresponding doctor, clinic or health institution.

Prior Mediation Before Sued.

Before filing a claim, it is mandatory to request mediation in order to reach a compensation agreement. For this
It is advisable to require all the necessary information to be prepared for the mediation process.

In the case of a Hospital or Health Service, mediation is required before the State Defense Council. In the case of a private clinic, mediation is requested at the Superintendence of Health. It is a process without form of trial where the background will be evaluated and an agreement will be reached. If the mediation fails, the frustrated mediation certificate must be accompanied by the future demand, otherwise, the civil judge will not admit his claim to processing.